Kadoil At The Energy Summit


Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairperson Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi, met with Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources as well as representatives from the sector at the 11th Turkish Energy Summit held in Antalya. Opinions were exchanged in the meeting concerning ways and means of solution for further advancement of the sector. 

Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairperson and ADER Board of Directors Member Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi also made an opening speech at the summit in representation of ADER (Fuel Main Distribution Companies Association) at the panel titled “Turkish Fuel Market”. Public as well as private sector representatives participated intensively in 11th Turkish Energy Summit becoming traditional and attended by several companies throughout Turkey. Turkish Energy Summit, considered as the biggest family Reunion of the Turkish fuel market is reputed as being the first and only organization where electricity, natural gas, fuel and LPG markets are gathered under one framework. In such summit organized under support of the Energy Market Regulatory Agency (EPDK) under the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, for three days it was dealt with the latest developments and trends in the Turkish as well as global energy sectors. In the summit where essential matters regarding renewable and nuclear energy fields, particularly the electricity and natural gas sectors were discussed, it was also considered and discussed solutions regarding Turkey’s energy requirement as well as methods towards eliminating and meeting the energy requirement in parallel to the changing circumstances. Kadoil, taking its place and position to this end in 11th Turkish Energy Summit, came together with many of its stakeholders and had the chance to discuss any novelties to be made under scope of the sector and also ways and means of carrying further ahead the energy sector.



Turkish Energy Summit is being realized ever since year 2010 where the entire elements of the energy sector are brought together, providing a convenient ambient for the parties to discuss any current matters, promoting products of the companies as well as new technologies at its unique exhibition premises, participated by leading guests and where essential issues in the fields of renewable energy and new technologies, particularly those under electricity and natural gas sectors are discussed.

Kadoil ve Kadooğlu Yağ on the “Capital 500” list​

Kadoil ve Kadooğlu Yağ on the "Capital 500" list

Kadooğlu’s pride doubled!

The results of the “Capital 500” research conducted by Capital Magazine to determine Turkey’s largest private sector companies have been announced. Kadooğlu Holding managed to take place in the list with two companies.

Companies from Gaziantep left their mark on the research carried out by Capital, one of Turkey’s most prestigious economy magazines, based on the turnover of companies in 2020. While 24 companies from Gaziantep were included in the list, Kadoil and Kadooğlu Yağ, the companies of Gaziantep-based Kadooğlu Holding operating in the fuel sector, were also at the top of the list. The fact that both companies are included in the Capital 500 doubled the pride of Kadooğlu Holding this year. 

According to the results of the research revealing the performance of Turkey’s giant companies in 2020, Kadoil, one of the leading companies in the Turkish fuel sector, ranked 203 in the Capital 500, Kadooğlu Yağ, which is also among the fastest growing companies in our country, succeeded in entering the list at the rank of 384.


Kadooğlu Holding Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Celal Kadooğlu stated that they are proud of the fact that Kadooğlu Holding brands are included in the Capital 500 with their two brands and pointed out that Turkey’s development in every sense will be possible with production. Mr. Kadooğlu; 

“We are very sad because of the fires that have come one after another in our country. Now, we need to work harder and produce more in unity and cooperation in order for our country to become stronger in every sense. As Kadooğlu Holding, we operate in many different areas from fuel to autogas, from food to construction, from domestic and foreign trade to station management. We are excited to contribute to the 2023 goals of our country by continuing to work with all our strength to increase our investment, production, employment and exports in all our companies within t0Çhe Holding.”

Kadoil is continuing with its growth at town centers

Kadoil is continuing with its growth at town centers

Ongoing with its station investments at town centers, Kadoil is adding new ones to the dealer network in Central Anatolia. Kadoil, meeting with its guests at several different locations by means of its new investments in Central Anatolia, is targeting to have its power felt in a multitude of towns including Ankara, Kırıkkale, Kastamonu and Çorum.

Announcing that it is targeting its service network throughout the country at town centers, Kadoil is continuing to increase the number of its dealers. To this effect, it has inaugurated its 600th station in Ankara Region.

As from the very first day onwards, Kadoil stations reported to enjoy intensive attention of consumers, extra 25 stations at Ankara town center, 10 at Kırıkkale, as well as 4 new stations at Çankırı and Kastamonu town centers were rapidly initiated within short notice.

Kadoil, reported to have ascribed essence to Anatolian Region as one of Turkey’s most critical inhabitations of Turkey is positioned at the most favorable locations of the towns. The distribution company putting into service its new stations at the busiest spots of Ankara where business is intensive, stated that it is also increasing its number of consumers from one day to the next. The company positioning yet another of its stations in the Anatolian Region at Çorum, pointed out that it has succeeded to outdistance its competitors. At the stations, it is being targeted to submit the consumers premium quality services, which are not only location focused, but also through investments made to the markets, car wash facilities as well as social premises.


Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi, while emphasizing that they would be ongoing without cutting speed their investments with stations at major town centers, further added that their purpose is not only increasing the number of stations but also customer satisfaction. Çifçi also expressed; “We have also adopted the principle that while operating at locations enabling ease of access by our consumers, responding to their requirements at the same time”.


Providing assessment regarding developments in the region, Ankara Regional Director Erdal Kayıhan pointed out that they have made substantial contribution to the economy of the region. Kayıhan said “We shall be continuing to generate added value in the region through our exemplary dealers.”  


Investment Director Ozan Okan, stating that they are targeting to serve the consumers at all spots of the country, further added “As one of the most powerful local players of the Turkish fuel market, while creating our plans and strategies, we are determined to persist with our investments without reducing speed. As Kadoil, we shall be continuing to take a correct and proper position in the sector, and further to our investments maintain and enhance our powerful amongst the major distribution companies in the sector. And to this effect, as a team we have subscribed our signature under Anatolian Region as the principal region we are ascribing essence to, while at this point we have arrived at as a team, we are continuing with growth and development with full energy”.


As a company founded in year 2016 equipped with our experience inherited from the past, we are struggling to become the leading entity growing to our target with success in both retail as well as wholesale business, together with our customers. We have preferred Kadoil as it possesses an essential role in our country through its corporate identity and customer portfolio. Upon paying attention to issues concerning quality service and cleanliness, we vare upgrading and enhancing customer satisfaction. Our team comprises of 9 individuals. There are several stations in Kırıkkale, our province where competition is high in the fuel sector.


We are new in the sector with a past of only 1.5 years. Likewise our company is a new enterprise as from its introduction in the sector, working at all times for customer satisfaction thanks to its innovative, dynamic and young staff capable of keeping pace with the progress and development of the sector. It has only been as short as 3 months since we started working with Kadoil. Following were the most essential factors while taking a decision towards becoming a Kadoil dealer: While discussing with the investment and regional directors, when we presented them other offers available in hand, they were not defaming any of the other companies but rather expressing solely their own advantageous aspects, being able to talk easily with everyone ranging from the lowest level up to the most senior company official, being a company of the sector which is innovative, developing and possessing a high potential.

Although it has a corporate structure similar to the other companies in the sector, Kadoil is differing from others with its character of being like a family with its dealers. And although we supply our customers clean and reliable fuel at convenient prices, we grant extra discounts to those customers purchasing in excess of 50 liters. We are presenting all of our customers car scents, wiper water and cleaning tissues bearing our logo.

As we are still new in the sector, these are what we have made up to now, for the coming times there are innovative ideas in consideration for customer satisfaction and easy remembrance. Although we are in pandemics period, we observe a gradual increase compared to our previous sales. At present, we are employing a staff of 3 at our station.


As a company founded in year 2016 equipped with our experience inherited from the past, we are a large family struggling to become the leading entity growing to our target with success in both retail as well as wholesale businesses, together with our customers. 

We entered the new year in the first month of 2021 together with Kadoil family and had the chance of waving the Kadoil flag, we preferred Kadoil due to playing an essential role in our country by means of its corporate identity as well as customer portfolio. 

Features that provide Kadoil a leading edge in the sector are: Its quality service, good-humored and smiling staff and customer portfolio… We are trying to do our best in serving those customers preferring our stations, by our professional team mates and good-humored approach in our fuel supply, washing and market services. By attending quality service and cleanliness matters, we are enhancing and upgrading customer satisfaction. Upon choosing Kadoil, we are ongoing to walk firmly ahead by increasing our sales. In our station, we make up a family of 6.

Kadoil Made A Fast Entrance Into Year 2021

Kadoil Made A Fast Entrance Into Year 2021

Kadoil, as one of the leading domestic brands of the fuel market, is ongoing to maintain its proper and powerful position in the sector by means of the investments it realized in 2020. Kadoil conducted the first “Sales Power” meeting of year 202,  on the 21st and 22nd of January at GreenPark Hotel, with attendance of 16 regional directors providing services throughout the country and personnel of its headquarters. In the meeting so realized, it was both assessed and evaluated year 2020, while strategies for year 2021 were also shared.

The closing meeting held on Friday, January 22nd was attended by Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Ms.Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi, Board of Directors Members Mr.Ziya Gündüz and Mr.Fettah Kadooğlu, Assistant General Manager Alper Karaeminoğlu as well as all department managers. 

In such “Sales Power” meeting, it was held discussions on the sales target planned to be realized in year 2021, station investments as well as dealer relations and consumer loyalty by taking into consideration pandemics agenda for 2021 including general analyses. It was assessed and evaluated such new projects that could be guiding and directing the sector.

Meeting commencing with the opening speech of Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi, continued with the assessment of the sector for year 2020 by Assistant General Manager Alper Karaeminoğulları. Workshop held in the meeting where regional managers prepared after being divided into four different groups attracted particular attention. Such workshop activities where innovative works are shared from viewpoint of persons active in the field, highlighted new projects to be put into practice. While a general assessment of year 2020 is made on the first day of the meeting adjourning with the presentation of Board of Directors Member Ziya Gündüz, year 2021 targets are shared on the second day.

It was shared with Kadoil team visiting on the second day of the meeting, Kadooğlu Oil Plant operating under Kadooğlu Holding the export as well as domestic market targets of Bizce brand. The meeting continuing after the plant visit with the presentations of Investment, Non-Fuel Sales and LPG Managers, ended with Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi sharing the future plans with the attendees. 

No Fantasies! Time For Being Planned.

Second day of the meeting ended with the data and information shared by Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi and overall evaluations made. Ms. Çifçi, referring to the financial power of the Holding and expressing that they are proud to be positioned high on such survey reports prepared by successful publications like Capital, Fortune 500, emphasized the fact that success could be achieved with hard and arduous work rather than coincidences. Çifçi further said “2020 was a year when not only the fuel sector but the whole world were deprived of their beaten tracks and it was very difficult to become visionary. We were involved and proceeded with total amendment, certain taboos were permanently changed. We too changed, confronted with our own self. We developed new business models. While passing through this process, we at all times stood by our regional managers and dealers. We provided and made available means and facilities taking them to the future. Backed up by Kadooğlu Holding’s power, we never postponed our investments. We are proud to achieve and fulfill our dreams in such a hard and cumbersome year. If our business partners had not confided in us or our team was not as Professional, we could not have achieved the foregoing.” 

Time To Exhibit Our Potential   

In the presentation he made, Kadoil Board of Directors Member Ziya Gündüz while sharing with the regional managers such agenda comprising of market shares, profitability and station segmentations, also provided detailed particulars concerning year 2021 management strategies. Mr. Gündüz, expressing that Kadoil’s vision and mission are replenished with the new team, attracted attention to the fact that Kadoil is required to exhibit its potential in every step taken in its 15th year of operations. 

2021 Is A Year Of Change For Kadoil

In his speech, Kadoil Assistant General Manager Alper Karaeminoğulları stated that 2021 would be a year of change for Kadoil and in all operations introduced, it is aiming to achieve perfection. Karaeminoğulları, referring to the fact that new projects are to be introduced not only for drivers of commercial vehicles but for drivers of passenger cars as well, said “Demands of women visitors as well as those of our employees are of substantial essence for us, we have planned different organizations for them as well. We placed weight on EcoMax, our product with additives ensuring high performance in saving and Kadomatik, our vehicle recognition system incorporating the most advanced system and most sophisticated technology”. “We recognized and became aware of KOBİ’s (SME’s) present in the system, yet not capable of receiving the desired service due to being perceived as regional. Further, while continuing to exist specifically in provinces we are not in existence, we shall be in close contact with the leading fleet owners of several provinces” he said. Further adding that they have taken particular steps in respect of station services enabling substantial ease for the customers via Ortak Platform (Common Platform) and Doldurgeç (Fill & MoveAlong) projects, Karaeminoğulları underlined the fact that customer satisfaction is at the core of all operations.

Target; Favorite Locations and Province – County Centers 

Investment Manager Ozan Okan, underlining the fact that while setting forth their investment targets, they are taking into consideration the favorite locations as well as stations at the Province and County Centers, further pointed out that they are realizing their new sales strategies by considering the current condition of our country. Mr. Okan expressed that they are targeting to come together with consumers at various different points required by vehicle drivers, with their priorities being city centers and provinces that they are not in presence. Okan further said “In year 2021, we shall be continuing with our path by adopting projects where we shall be highlighting our retail power. He attracted attention to the fact that they are not only aiming to increase the number of stations but market, toilet and service concepts shall likewise be aspects for preference. 

We Are Providing Ease Of Logistics

LPG Sales Manager Teoman Akdağ, sharing the point attained in respect of Kadogaz, while saying “Our topmost priority is providing service at all Kadoil stations by means of our speedily accelerating LPG brand Kadogaz”, he further added “We have become a cause for preference amongst our competitors through logistic facilities provided to the dealers.”

Hakan Taşel, Non-Fuel Sales Manager, while sharing the sales figures of the past year in the presentation he made, referred to the targets for year 2021 as well. While providing information about the wide range of products, Mr. Taşel pointed out that Kadoil dealers are of essence not only in respect of fuel but for extra revenue branches on the agenda of the sector. Taşel, expressing that they are satisfied with the success achieved by the regional team, further added that they are always targeting the ultimate. Taşel also said “Due to the pandemics, we had to suspend our international trips for a while. Notwithstanding this, our campaigns are ongoing at full pace. In our sales campaign divided into 3 separate levels, we are ongoing to provide gifts to the dealers achieving the target in our sales campaign”. 


Kadoil Customers Keeps Winning

Kadoil Customers Keeps Winning

According to the agreement between Kadoil, one of the valuable players in the fuel sector, and Türkiye Toplu Taşıma İşverenleri Sendikası (Public Transport Employers’ Association of Turkey), union members can benefit from special discounts in their fuel purchases at Kadoil fuel stations with the “Kadoil Club Card”.

The work started with the initiative and contribution of Kadoil Board Member Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi, and Kemal Çetin, Chairman of Public Transport Employers’ Association of Turkey (Türkiye Toplu Taşıma İşverenleri Sendikası) has concluded.

According to the agreement signed between Kadoil Sales Manager Alper Karaeminoğulları and Abdulkadir Yentürk, Vice President of Public Transport Employers’ Association of Turkey (Türkiye Toplu Taşıma İşverenleri Sendikası), union members using the “Kadoil Club Card” will be able to benefit from 8% discount on fuel in their fuel purchases at Kadoil stations.

Kadoil customers keeps winning.

Kadoil Board Member Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi, who made a statement at the meeting where Kadoil managers were also present, said that they are thrilled for the agreement between Turkey’s leading fuel distribution company Kadoil that aims to get better every day for its country and its customers, and Public Transport Employers’ Association of Turkey (Türkiye Toplu Taşıma İşverenleri Sendikası), and they will continue to cooperate.

Kemal Çetin, Chairman of Public Transport Employers’ Association of Turkey (Türkiye Toplu Taşıma İşverenleri Sendikası) stated that the agreement with Kadoil with dealers throughout Turkey, serving more than 550 leading fuel and LPG distribution company in Turkey is a significant gain and said: “Public Transport Employers’ Association of Turkey (Türkiye Toplu Taşıma İşverenleri Sendikası), will continue to help their members win. As a union, we are now offering discounted fuel to our members with the Kadoil Club Card. With the help of Kadoil brand and its more than 550 dealerships all over Turkey operating 24/7, we offer a campaign that will offer our members profitable and privileged service.” Sharing his views after the agreement with Public Transport Employers’ Association of Turkey (Türkiye Toplu Taşıma İşverenleri Sendikası), Kadoil Sales Manager Alper Karaeminoğulları said that the Kadoil Club Card will be offered in many areas soon, with discounts and advantages, and expressed his gratitude to the union chairman and board members for their contribution and support.

Great Gasoline Campaign By Kadoil

Great Gasoline Campaign By Kadoil

Kadoil, operating in the fuel sector with more than 600 dealers under Kadooğlu Holding continues to stand by its consumers with its Gasoline Campaign with its dealers all over Turkey.
Kadoil, one of Turkey’s leading fuel distribution companies, started selling fuel with a 5% discount over the pump price with the Gasoline Campaign realized at selected stations. The campaign, held every Wednesday and Saturday, got full marks from the drivers.

Vehicle users showed great interest in the campaign, which was launched at pilot stations in many cities, especially İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Mersin, Adana, Trabzon, and Diyarbakır. The campaign, which is also implemented at stations in different cities, is planned to continue throughout the year. Kadoil who contributed to the budgets of vehicle drivers with the discounts received many thank you messages from the citizens.

By expressing that they are pleased with the intense interest in the Gasoline Campaign, Kadoil Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi stated that the main goal of the application is to contribute to the national economy and said that they started the discounts on certain days of the week in the first place and planned the next campaign to be in certain periods on all days of the week. Çifçi, in her evaluation, said ”The world is going through a difficult economic process. I believe that big companies like us have a lot of work in such periods. The advantages of financial size and being a holding are once again emerging these days. Now I think we all have to take responsibility. As a company, we have always had a business structure that stands beside our dealers and consumers. We launched such a campaign to support our customers and dealers in the face of economic troubles. Our such campaigns will continue afterward. While we make a significant contribution to our citizens’ budgets with discounted fuel, we aim to support our dealers by increasing the circulation in our stations.”

Kadoil had supported the fight against inflation

Kadoil, operating under Kadooğlu Holding, one of Turkey’s oldest companies, has a valuable share in the fuel and LPG distribution sector with over 550 dealerships. Kadoil, who also gave great support to the “Fight Against Inflation Together” movement, which was initiated under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, also supported the citizens with high discounts in gas stations.

Kadoil Is Ready For 2021 With Its New Investments

Kadoil Is Ready For 2021 With Its New Investments

Kadoil, ongoing with upgrading its successful performance in the fuel and autogas sector in 2021 by means of its dealer network widespread throughout the country, is adding new ones to the number of dealers in excess of 600.  


Ever including new ones in its dealer network from one day to the next, Kadoil, is ongoing to be en route the itinerary of its consumers in a safe and secure manner throughout the country thanks to it one hundred percent domestic capital structure in the fuel sector. 

Kadoil, targeting at all times to be in close vicinity of the vehicle drivers by means of its stations and selected locations at town centers, is continuing to be positioned amongst brands preferred at all times thanks to powerful business structure and reliability of Kadooğlu Holding.

By means of the investments it has realized in 2020, Kadoil is ever expanding the number of its dealers in Aegean, Marmara, Black Sea and South East Anatolian Regions. 


Sharing her opinion concerning the subject matter, Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi said, “We have more than 600 dealers throughout the country in general. We shall be continuing at full speed to expand our dealer network from one day to the next and take position at such points we are not yet available. We are further pleased to renew our contracts with the dealers carrying Kadoil flag for many years. It is also a matter of pride that our dealers with more than one station bearing Kadoil brand proceed ahead hand in hand with us in respect of their new investments. Our purpose is to enable drivers preferring us overall the country are made available such products that they deserve. By means of the employment we have created jointly with our dealers, we are continuing to provide added value to all points within our country. We are very happy with point we have achieved at this time of closing yet another year. I am grateful to our regional directors representing us with great efforts every day as well as station personnel serving our visitors.” Referring to the comfort and convenience of doing business through long enduring relations, Çifçi continued as follows, saying: “We take pride in walking ahead in our 10th anniversary together with Feyfer Petrol situated at the most popular location of Diyarbakır; one of the consistent suppliers of Municipality and Security Department contract tenders and Amanos Petrol at Hatay serving in a secure and reliable manner in respect of Municipal Transportation Vehicles identification and contract tenders. At the same time, we are pleased to undersign yet another 5 years together with Çetinler Petrol at Zonguldak and our dealer Dolgunlar Petrol at Hatay Province. We are ongoing with our efforts day and night with our dealers having adopted a sustainable and long enduring business concept with our side, through our professional team for providing services in several other provinces from one day to the next. While our dealers desiring to persist with their success in their first stations, realized their next investments once again under Kadoil brand. In year 2020, we realized the opening of the 3rd stations of CMS Akaryakıt at Van and Cipet Akaryakıt at Manisa.” 


Kadoil Investment Manager Ozan Okan said: “We are directing our strategies by taking into consideration at all times the general condition of the country’s economy.  Taking rapid decisions and putting them swiftly into action are factors that allow time savings to both our dealers and ourselves. The management standing beside us in every circumstance plays an essential role in the consistent growth of Kadoil. We are ever expanding our station network by targeting town centers and favorite locations.” Mr. Okan continued with his words by saying “Although it is considered that Covit has had an impact on the investment processes, we have attained our growth target by means of several stations newly included in our family.  We have duly reinforced our position at favorite locations by means of Yeşiller Petrol within premises of Düzce Province, Cengiz Akaryakıt at Denizli and Atalay Demirler Petrol at Mersin.” 

Kadoil, in parallel to the target of conveying the services provided to its consumers to all towns throughout Turkey, is ongoing with its growth strategy by adding new stations.

Kadoil is Continuing in The New Period With its investments in The Aegean Region

Kadoil is Continuing in The New Period With its investments in The Aegean Region

Ever increasing its dealer network from one day to the next, Kadoil declared that it is continuing to be on the path of its consumers throughout the country equipped with its one hundred percent domestic capital structure in the fuel sector. In this framework, Kadoil is expanding its investments in the Aegean Region.


Kadoil, by means of its dealer network in excess of 600 distributed over all regions of the country, is intending to enhance its performance in the fuel and autogas sector and is persisting with its investments in the new period as well. Kadoil declared that it is continuing to be on the path of its consumers throughout the country equipped with its one hundred percent domestic capital structure in the fuel sector. Kadoil management stated as giving priority to dealership visits in the new period is also declared that they closed their year2020 targets further to the expectations thanks to the supportive approach standing beside their dealers. To this effect, Kadoil executive staff visited their dealers in the Aegean Region, newly included in their organization as well as jointly worked in the past.



Kadoil, adding a new one every month to its stations in the Aegean Region, is expanding its presence  in the region through Cipet and Tankar, Emircanlar Akaryakıt and Deta, Hüseyin Tabak and Yüzdil. Speeding up her visits in the region, Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi visited Northern Aegean Regional Dealers. Exchanging opinion with the dealers, Çiftçi, while referring to the consolidating aspect of vis-à-vis visits regarding taking rapid action, solution oriented approach and reinforcing bilateral relations, continued with her statement as follows; “Aegean Region is of great importance for us. We desire that Kadoil flag is waved at several different points in this area. That is why our investments in this region shall likewise be continuing in the new period as well. I had the opportunity in the recent week to hold one-to-one discussions with our North Aegean dealers. We assessed and exchanged opinion regarding our agenda items, primarily the impact on our sector of the pandemics and economic fluctuations. We entered into renewals with our dealers whose contracts would be expiring soon and also added new members to our family. Although already have a professional team in the region equipped with the experience of long years, appearing on the field as senior management and listening to the wishes of the dealers directly from them, brings forth various favorable results”. 



Likewise, Kadoil Investment Manager Ozan Okan met the dealers in the course of these trips and provided information concerning investments of Kadoil in the new period. Pointing out that their primary targets comprise of keeping together the existing dealer network, Ozan Okan underlined the fact that they are caretaking to ensure that their new dealers would be equipped with characteristics to add value to this large family. Okan said: “Our target is to grow at the right place with the right projects. As you know, besides being a young and dynamic enterprise, Kadoil also possesses a deep-rooted business background. Our greatest advantage as a company is being in possession with a management concept of adopting rapid decisions and proceeding with relevant actions. We are not faced with any problems in respect of renewals and ongoing with our activities at full speed in order to actualize our new targets”.




Kadoil Yüzdil Akaryakıt official Remzi Kocatürk, while indicating that they have preferred Kadoil for having provided its services not only for fuel but for LPG as well, over its own Kadogaz brand, further continued with its words as follows: “We are acting as Kadoil dealer for many years. The Company is acting at all times with the idea of self development and it has always been our supporter. We are able to resolve our station’s LPG requirement by means of Kadogaz brand, as a result of our satisfaction from our cooperation, we have introduced and put into operation a Kadogaz station of our at Izmir, serving solely vehicles running on LPG”. 

Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi, coming together with many dealers in the North Aegean Region in the trips lasting one week, in the sharing she made thereafter over social media thanked Cipet, Tankar, Emircanlar Akaryakıt, Deta, Yüzdil and Hüseyin Tabak Petrol officials.



Engin Cihanoğlu as the authorized official of Kadoil Cipet Petrol who joined Kadoil end of the past year expressed that he was very pleased to be a member of such a large and lovely family. Engin Cihanoğlu said, “Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi visiting us has enabled closer witnessing their management approach”. Cihanoğlu further added “There could be at times where we fail to express ourselves properly in the daily hassle. In the business life, we are in an incessant rush. We are thankful to our Regional Manager Mehmet Atasoy working with heart and soul for our stations. Certain matters were unclear in my mind, I had certain concerns. All such concerns of mine were dissipated pursuant to the visit of Ms. Nergiz. Kadoil is a very powerful company standing to the very end behind the promises made. I feel lucky for having attained the chance and opportunity for working with them. I shall likewise commission the other station I am about to complete the necessary investment also as Kadoil. We subscribed our signature under the contract during the visit of Ms. Nergiz. I am happy”. Engin Cihanoğlu pointing out that at the station they also sold products by Alsancak Unlu Mamuller (Bakery Products), further indicated that his target is not only a fuel station, but rather a retail point that could meet more diversified requirements. 


Kadoil Tankar Petrol Official Mahabat Tan, sharing her opinions following the visits, said; “We have been operating in the fuel sector for many years. We worked with many different fuel distribution companies. Kadoil’s sincere approach, favorable terms and accessibility of individuals from every segment. We are also considering to bring together our other stations under the organization of Kadoil as well. Ms. Nergiz visiting us and assessing our requirements mutually have been to our benefit in these hard days we are suffering. Further, the company having a young and modern management has made me proud as a woman. At Kadoil, I am seeing myself not as a station official but rather as the member of a family”.  Tan, further underlining that there is also available at the station Kadoil Oil Master Oil replacement center as well, pointed out that they are providing 360 degrees service to their customers. Mahabat Tan, stating that they worked with several different mineral oil distributors, added that they are very much satisfied with Kadoil Oil Master, while mineral oil control and replacement of the vehicles frequenting their stations are regularly made.



Kadoil Northern Aegean Regional Director Mehmet Atasoy attracted attention to the dynamics of the area. Pointing out that the company management has at all times supported them, referred to the fact that they are leading positions amongst fastest growing fuel companies in the region. Mehmet Atasoy further emphasized that he is in the sector for many years, yet the dealer organization of Kadoil is unequalled by any other company in the sector. Atasoy said, “We are proceeding ahead under win-win approach with contracts that would be beneficial to our dealers. Every station bearing the flag of our brand is being operated with persons representing us in the best possible manner, prominent individuals of the area in the business life with a superior concept of service. We are providing support to our dealers to enable them act not only as fuel suppliers but as points of service as well”. 

Kadoil Lifted The Yardstick In The General Assessment And Performance Meeting

Kadoil Lifted The Yardstick In The General Assessment And Performance Meeting

Kadoil persisting with its growth in the fuel sector successfully in both the fuel as well as autogas segments through its wide dealer network spread over all regions of Turkey, shared with its regional managers the tenancy periods, point arrived at in attaining year 2020 targets and new strategies it has developed. In such meeting where sales performances of the dealers were individually evaluated, while assessing new investment strategies it was also considered the circumstances created by the agenda. 


General Assessment and Performance Meeting realized as presided by Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi was realized under attendance of Kadoil Board of Directors Members Yusuf Ziya Gündüz and Fettah Kadooğlu, as well as regional directors throughout Turkey in general. 


While all regional dealers were individually assessed and evaluated in such meetings lasting a week, Kadoil senior management was present in attendance as well. Following intensive meetings, all employees of Kadoil celebrated their success by means of an organization realized at Develi Florya. 


We have extended beyond our targets for year 2020

In these meetings where the economic condition of both Turkey as well as the sector were evaluated, it was set forth and specified reflections of the previous year, sales and investments realized including dealer requirements. Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi, making an overall assessment after the meeting, said “At present, our principal capital is our professional team and the trust confided in us by our dealers. We observe that this unique synergy is reflected as well to the customers preferring us. We have extended beyond our targets for year 2020, this is an unbelievable occasion of pride for the management and regional directors representing us in the field. Our regional directors are beside our dealers at all times and equipped with the power of meeting their requirements within soonest notice. And we as the headquarters, are at all times providing support to our regional teams. Powerful communication with our dealers and solution oriented relation are best evidences that we are on the right track.” 


We are enjoying the satisfaction of realizing our projects

Ms. Çiftçi, referring to the economic condition that Turkey is in as well as the reflections of the pandemics process on the sector, further pointed out that they made assessments regarding how they could possibly provide support to their dealers in the second half of 2020, and that they are advantageous to their competitors in respect of regional discussions. Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi continued with her words by saying “At our points of supply, we are realizing cooperation with different suppliers, providing means to our dealers that could serve as alternatives. Notwithstanding extra costs and high pricing policies, we are preferred by means of our advantageous points of supply. This is a major power for our part. While our country is passing through difficult times, we as Kadoil are putting our hands under the Stone as well. The pandemics caused us to update our business patterns and targets. 


Making a general evaluation about Kadoil, Çiftçi said “Our LPG-autogas brand Kadogaz reached 185 dealers in a very short time. We shall be persisting with our nature-friendly, environmentalist, economic and customer satisfaction focused service concept, upgrading our success graph in the field with rapid yet secure steps.  We have achieved particular success with our diesel oil product containing EcoMax additive we launched to our consumers with the motto “High Performance In Savings”. Likewise in the new period, our target shall comprise of bringing together our consumers and EcoMax at all of our stations.

In our General Assessment and Performance Meetings, we also had the opportunity of sharing with our regional directors and general headquarters team, the latest developments in the field of sales other than mineral oil and fuel. Particularly in respect of mineral oils, we are far ahead of our sales targets with our own brand Kadoil Oil Master.”


We based our brand value on sincerity

Kadoil Board of Directors Member Fettah Kadooğlu stated following the General Assessment and Performance Meeting that by means of the resolution and energy spent in the relay race taken on transfer, they would be taking Kadoil higher every day. While Board of Directors Member Yusuf Ziya Gündüz joining the management team anew stating that he is enjoying the happiness of working with such a large and professional team, said “Further to reinforcing our inner structure with every day elapsing, we shall be focusing on projects that could be touching the final consumer”. Mr. Gündüz explained and clarified that in the fuel sector where competition is very strict, their target is towards sustainable success and being at all times preferable by the target mass, therefore they would be accelerating their investments concerning marketing communication. Mr. Gündüz, pointing out that in our current world of marketing, traditional marketing methods are inadequate, further added “I believe that the sincerity reflected by Kadoil business partners and employees shall likewise be reflected to the communication we shall be establishing with our customers.” 

We are living the comfort of being capable of taking speedy action 

16 regional directors were present in the meetings lasting one week. In these meetings attended by Kadoil Assistant General Manager Mr. Alper Karaeminoğulları as well, condition of all dealers were individually assessed. Mr. Karaeminoğulları said “We have always acted in a farsighted manner and prepared our sales strategies in compliance with different scenarios. The world we are living on has adopted an outlook requiring you to be alert at all times, where only those swiftly altering their paths, targets and adapting to the current circumstances. Because of the pandemics, we changed our strategies several times in year 2020. Considering our dealers as well, we have generated flexible terms.  In the course of the year, we came together with our regional directors at online platforms and made situation assessments. In this process, we never had any plan or project we anticipated postponing. Our investments are ongoing at full speed. We always trust our country and dealers. While we were previously assessing our strategies every 3 months, we are nowadays reviewing them every month. Updating ourselves rapidly in parallel to the market conditions provide us as well as our dealers a favorable movement space.” 


Relieving of their stress following General Assessment and Performance Meetings, Kadoil field and headquarters team came together in the dinner held at Develi.

Kadoil Management is Continuing To Come Together With its Dealers

Kadoil Management is Continuing To Come Together With its Dealers

Kadoil brand operating under Kadooğlu Holding and having reinforced its position amongst local and powerful companies of the fuel sector is ongoing to stand beside its dealers. Persisting with its operations in the fuel sector towards upgrading its position and increasing its market share from one day to the next, Kadoil management is continuing its dealer visits overall Turkey in general, with South East Anatolia Region. 

Kadoil, as the entity with the network of highest number of stations in the region, is ongoing to increase its number of stations with the strategy of being at an accessible position by its customers at every point of the country.

At this period where it is discussed continuation of cooperation, Kadoil management is prioritizing the claims and opinions of its dealers by means of realizing face-to-face meetings with the Dealers, shall be continuing to meet its dealers at all regions of Turkey.

Efforts, hard working and success proceed hand-in-hand…

Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi, visiting Diyarbakır, Batman, Siirt and Elazığ under scope of dealer visits, stated that they would be continuing to come together with their dealers at all regions of the country. Advising that with the purpose of enhancing the position held in the fuel sector as well as its market share, they would be incessantly ongoing with their investments, Ms. Çifçi said we are pleased to have reached the number of dealers in excess of our targets before ending of the term. Çifçi, referring to the fact that Board of Directors Member Fettah Kadooğlu accompanying her in these visits has several projects in respect of these regions, further added that they are very pleased with the activities of the region team. She stated that as she visited the station and came together with the dealers, they had the pride of seeing with their own eyes how the dealer network they tried to create with considerable efforts is proceeding forward with effort, hard work and success hand-in-hand. 

Board of Directors Member Fettah Kadooğlu sharing his views and opinions following their visit to Diyarbakır area expressed that following the discussions they realized, they were able to see the general requirements more clearly, enabling them to respond very speedily to the requirements of the dealers and thus take any action accordingly. Mr. Kadooğlu stated; “While passing through a cumbersome process as sector and country, we focused on our operations with the concept of how we could stand by our dealers. Ensuring that our stakeholders better manage their business circumstances and providing support thereto both material and otherwise constitute the most prominent indication of our magnitude.” 

Sevgi Kanat, conducting Batman Regional Directorate equipped with an experience in excess of 20 years in the sector said: “The decisions we have taken and facilities we have provided could be incessantly updated under circumstances of the current agenda. You are required to be and become a company responding swiftly to the requirements, otherwise you shall be condemned to stand still. 

The senior management backing us up in the decisions we have adopted, enable us to take swift action. We are working with the target of increasing our power in the region without reducing speed”.


Diyarbakır Regional Director Kadir Bedir, referring to the positive impact of the visit paid by the headquarters on the dealers, said “Ms. Nergiz’s energy, Professional approach and sincerity are reflected back to us very favorably in dealership agreements. Both we as regional directors as well as dealers joining our family are able to reach any official at every level of the management. Field visits are carried out and realized in a persisting manner by regional directors up to and including board of directors members. We are allowed to decide for the working conditions by means of coming together, holding vis-a-vis discussions and exchanging opinions. There has never been up to now, any dealer we left alone to face hardships. The most important reason for our being the leader in the region is that they are well aware of our sincerity here, a factor already tested and experienced by them.”


 Officials from İsaş Akaryakıt, Feyfer Petrol, Yıldırım Petrol, Kapkaner Akaryakıt, Gaban, CMS Petrol and as a new member of our family, ORD Petrol, visited under scope of Diyarbakır regional visits, expressed their opinions about the sector, the coming period and relevant circumstances, how important it is to have spoken face to face with the authorities and that they have seen once again that they are members of a great family.  

Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi conducting assessments in respect of their Batman regional visits with Oysallar and Salut Petrol officials regarding profitability and efficiency of their stations, referred to how important and valuable it is to be acquainted with the site conditions at the first instance. Regional directors proud to renew their contracts with Mucip Süleymanoğlu, Gaban, Salut and Kaplaner emphasized that they would be continuing without reducing speed, with the dealer renewals in the new period as well. 

Ms. Çifçi referring to the importance of the continuation of their cooperation in the fuel sector with Erdal Yıldırım leading the retail market in Diyarbakır with Kadoil brand under 4 stations and dominating the same by means of tenders pertaining to the security department, expressed that they would be making all sacrifice to proceed with our dealers under such identity. 


While Gaban Petrol official Davut Özkılıç stated that he has been a member of this family for the past 15 years and that although he is in this sector for long years, no other company provided the facilities and conditions provided by Kadoil, İşas Akaryakıt official Mr. Ededin Ergün pointed out that by means of the favorable conditions so provided, they have realized discount campaign days concerning the region. Mr. Ergün stated we are ever trying to represent Kadoil in the region in the best possible manner with the objective of increasing the number of our customers from one day to the next. Whereas ORD Petrol official Mr. Deniz Ödek congratulating Kadoil authorities for the activities they have conducted towards ex-fuel revenues, also made reference to the fact that Kadoil’s Mineral Oil brand Oil Master is particularly demanded in the region.