Kadogaz LPG

Kadoil,  decided in continuing to persist with its success in the fuel sector by operating in the LPG sector  upon adding a new element to its services under the brand Kadogaz in the 10th anniversary of  its incorporation. Kadoil, receiving on September 22nd, 2016 its National LPG Distributor License from EPDK  (Energy Market Supervisory Board) ,  is providing  the environment-friendly and cost-effective alternative fuel LPG autogas under the brand name of  Kadogaz at Kadoil stations widespread overall Turkey in general to the service of  the users.

As a prerequisite of LPG autogas dealership system, principle of delivery (CIF) of autogas to the dealer stations is charging a totally different liability to Kadooğlu Petrolcülük (Oil Business).  It is ongoing with its itinerary on board LPG transporting vehicles in compliance with the technical regulations as well as standards, LPG transporting operators equipped with proper experience in this sector, under awareness of its responsibilities and discipline required by safety rules, aiming to provide its services under the principle of “Safety First”.


LPG’s Technical Characteristics and Usage;

LPG, a safe and reliable fuel type provided it is used in compliance with technical regulations and standards, is actually an odorless and colorless gas variety. In order to be able to detect any possible gas leakage, it is mixed with Ethyl Mercaptan. In the event of any gas leakage and gas escape, it is detected an odor similar to the smell of rotten egg. Autogas is the common name given to the version of LPG as motor vehicle fuel. Autogas is comprised of simple hydrocarbons like propane and butane, derived from either natural gas or refinement of crude oil. 80% of LPG consumed in our country is being imported, while 20% is produced by Petroleum Refineries (Tüpraş).

  • Turkey is holding the first position in Europe for LPG Autogas consumption.
  • In Turkey, Autogas is consumed mostly in Ankara.
  • At present, 4 out of every 10 passenger cars (operation with Gas) use and consume autogas.
  • In Turkey, nearly 300.000 new users every year are converting their vehicles to autogas.
  • Autogas has higher octane value compared to normal gas (benzoil).
  • Thanks to LPG, nearly 30% fuel saving is achieved.
  • Compared to its alternatives, it is more environment-friendly.

Further, LPG is a reliable and safe fuel no less than its alternatives. Tank which is 6 times thicker than its alternatives as well as the safety valve is rendering LPG a marginal difference to the other fuels. Economic life cycle of the autogas tank used in motor vehicles is 10 years, whereas in the technical inspections of the vehicles, manufacturing date of the tank is checked and use in excess of 10 years is not allowed, it is replaced with new one.