It is a system enabling your company cars getting fuel from Kadoil stations automatically without making any payment in cash or through credit card and providing access of the customer to the filling data hand-free under electronic media.

As invoicing is made collectively at specific periods, your accounting procedures are conducted in full and free of any problem.

At Kadoil stations frequented by your vehicle equipped with Kadomatik system, you would be allowed to carry out your fuel supply in a speedy and practical manner.

You would be enjoying the comfort of making all your payments automatically through your DBS credit accounts to be opened for Kadomatik before those banks entered into Kadoil agreements with.

Once you proceed with Kadomatik system, both your accounting procedures would be facilitated due to the invoices issued only 2 times in a month and you would also avoid waiting for payment and invoice issuance after every fuel filling. Enables you saving in time.

By means of Kadomatik, exactly like vehicle tracking systems, vehicle recognition could as well be monitored and controlled online over the Internet. You are able to see online 7/24 over the relevant web site any particulars like fuel consumptions, fuel receiving times, payments made and such other details.

By means of Kadomatik, you both ensure fuel consumption control on basis of both vehicle as well as time period and it is also avoided any incomplete/missing product supply to the vehicle. You are able to check via Kadomatik system where the vehicle is supplied with fuel, how much and even at which kilometer.

Following filling, data and particulars with respect to filling (liters, unit price, product type, date, time, license plate number of the vehicle, its kilometer and the like) are entered into the memory of the station control unit and a filling slip including all such data is automatically printed out and provided to the driver for info. Such data are transferred to a computer available at the station. These data are also forwarded online to a central data collection computer via data communication line. By means of the user passwords identified in person, customers are enabled to monitor their fuel purchases online and instantly 7/24.

KADOMATİK system functions in the form of 3 components:

1- Card System
This device in the form of a card incorporating a smart chip requires no specific installation, it is easy and convenient to be carried inside your wallet.

2- Filling Monitoring System
This is an electronic antenna in the form of a ceramic chip or sticker that could be installed on the vehicle’s fuel tank cover. The system is assembled in a very short time.

3- Vehicle Identity Unit
This is a system comprising of an antenna operating interconnected to the systems of the vehicle as affixed on the fuel tank cover and a main unit installed inside the inner trunk. It requires comprehensive installation and is enabled with the capacity of reading kilometers.