Being the leading one of the strongest native brands of the fuel oil market and keeping protecting its strong position in the sector through the investment it has made, Kadoil has held its Sales Force Meeting.

The Kadoil Sales Force Meeting held under the leadership of the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kadoil Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi was attended by regional directors throughout Türkiye as well as Fettah Kadooğlu, a Member of the Board of Directors of Kadoil. In the organisation in which the 8 th place was celebrated together with all the field team throughout Türkiye, the goals for the last quarter of the year as well as the plans for the new years were disclosed. The meeting in which the strategies for 2023 as well as the developments in the sector were discussed was held at the TRYP By Windham İstanbul Basın Express Hotel on September 25-26, 2023.

The Sales Force Meeting at which the Finance and Credit Risk Departments as we well as the Sales and Investment Departments made presentations, the member of the Board of Directors Fettah Kadooğlu, and the LPG Manager Teoman Akdağ provided the field managers with information on the sales performance of 2023 was opened by the Vice- Director General Alper Karaeminoğulları. The meeting at which the developments in the Turkish economy and studies on strategy were shared by the Vice-Director General Coşkun Duru, continued with the presentation by the Legal Counsellor Soner Çamkıran on the modifications in the regulations. The first day of the meeting came to an end with Ozan Okan’s, Investment Manager, sharing the Investment Performance of 2023.

The seond day of the Sales Force Meeting started with the Investment Feasibility Training by Ozan Okan, Investment Manager. Following the sharing by the Engineering Manager Muharrem Engin, the Non-Fuel-Oil Sales Manager Şehmus Kaya made his presentation on the ADS Performance of 2023. The meeting came to an end with the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kadoil Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi’s speech on the Overall Assessment of 2023.

We, Kadoil Family, Will Keep Providing Our Country with Value

At the meeting where the condition of each region was individually reviewed and where the analyses of the opportunities and current dealers were made, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kadoil Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi told that the key to success is drawing a good road map as well as achieving a good team work. Çifçi said, “The period in which we are has been rather fluctuant in terms of the energy markets as well as in each and every other sector. All the events which affected the whole mankind such as the natural disasters experienced, wars between countries and the economic cycle in which the world is have reminded us of the importance of being far-seeing in order to hold on and rise up. We have witnessed how fast the world could change and we have been able to keep pace with such change and developed business models for the updates in the sector. We, Kadooğlu Holding, will keep taking firm steps forward and providing our country with value with all employees and staff members from our headquarters to all our stations in order to get that achievement.” Having said in the speech she gave that she, as a woman of the Republic, felt the excitement of the hundredth year of the Republic of Türkiye in her being, Mrs. Çiftçi shared some sequences from Atatürk’s life, staring off from the book entitled “If Mustafa Kemal Managed a Company”.

Kadogaz, Chosen Everywhere throughout Türkiye

Having provided information on the current sales performance and mentioned the ways of improving the performance while taking about Kadogaz’s success in market share, the member of the Board of Directors of Kadoil Fettah Kadooğlu said, “We have also attained a good success in the LPG sector by improving our service standards through the power of the Kadoil brand and our widespread network of dealers. Taking our place with our Kadogaz brand even in the farthest locations throughout Türkiye, we keep taking firm steps to be a brand which is close to everyone. This success is backed by the years of business experience and the solidarity of a professional team.”

We Have Shoe out with Our Strategy for 2023

In the presentation he made, the Vice-Director General of Kadoil Coşkun Duru shared data concerning the market shares, profitability and station segmentation while providing the attendees with information on the economic outlook in Türkiye. Duru further expressed his assessments about the management strategies of 2023.

We Will Keep Standing by Our Customers through Our Services at All Times

Having mentioned the attention paid to the fulfilment of each and every current requirement of the sector at the stations in order to be able to provide better services, Vice-Director General of Kadoil Alper Karaeminoğulları said, “This year, we have not only focused on the increase of the number of our stations but also on the capability of providing better services and on the projects which will increase the income of our existing stations. And this has clearly brought to us a success. Having taken rapid action at the time of the earthquake from which our country suffered, we have stood by our customers at all times through our stations which we used for the earthquake region. We will keep working with all our might in order to evolve for the better both our dealers and the customers who have chosen us.”

We May Achieve a Greater Acceleration in the Rise in the New Period

Having shared his finance forecasts for the forthcoming period, Kadoil Investment Manager Ozan Okan mentioned the acceleration achieved by their strategy created by prioritising the retail business for 2023. Having underlined their goal of being the favourite station in the province and town centres, Okan stated that they had updated their goals within the framework of the agenda of growth for the new period and drew up a road map as to how they would focus on such goals.

Having said that they would plan an overseas trip with the dealer who achieved to reach their goals in November, Non-Fuel-Oil Sales Manager Şehmus Kaya told, “While our projects related to our dealers are at full flow, we keep making collaborations with the corporate companies in different sectors, taking into consideration the expectations of our customers as well. We signed a good agreement with Lugano and keep our negotiations for the new period as well.”