Kadoil Health, Safety, and Environment Policy

    • To continue our activities without harming people and the environment, we have adopted and applied the following principles as an institution and as employees
    • All employees of Kadoil are aware of their responsibilities in occupational health, safety, and environmental issues at all stages of the organization.
    • The health and safety of all individuals, organizations, and third parties we work with are crucial.
    • Our main goals are not to harm the environment, to protect people’s health, and not to cause accidents.
    • We are in constant contact with our customers, staff, and people, take their requests into account, and offer quality products that do not pollute the environment.
    • We use energy efficiently, minimize our waste, and dispose of it in a way that does not harm the environment.
    • By regularly training our staff and contractors, we keep the awareness of high occupational safety, prioritize occupational safety in all works, and ensure an active HSE culture.
    • Whenever necessary, we support cooperation and exchange information with local authorities and other relevant organizations.
    • We prioritize occupational safety in all works and ensure that an active HSE culture.


      As Kadoil, we are committed to achieving high HSE performance that will be proud of our industry, gaining the trust of society, and providing the necessary resources to achieve them.