Additive Doped Diesel Oil (EcoMax): Superior Performance

Ecomax rapidly cleans any residues accumulated in the engine when ordinary, uncompounded fuel is used. Further to conveniences like fuel economy, power enhancement, longer engine
life cycle, more silent drive, EcoMax is also provides high performance in vehicle

Ecomax’s properties and advantages provided;

  • Residue Inhibitor: Depending on the contamination occurring at the vehicle’s injectors, passage of air is reduced proportionally and thereby air-fuel balance is deteriorated. As blockage is avoided, your engine’s combustion chamber remains clean. As a consequence of cleanliness of the injectors through regular usage of Ecomax thereby driving perpetually a clean engine, performance of the engine is not reduced.
  • Power Recovery (detergent characteristic): Reduction in power drive depending on the soiling/contamination generated on the injectors, is diminished through Ecomax. Which, in turn means power enhancement in your engine at the rate of 6%. 
  • Preventing Corrosion: As a result of using non-doped fuel, corrosion is generated in time on the fuel components of the vehicle. EcoMax reduces the extent of corrosion particularly, thereby extending your engine’s life cycle.

Diesel Oil (ULSD 10ppm), is a type of fuel containing a rate of 10 liters sulfur in 1 million liters, in other words meaning low-sulfur diesel oil and used in vehicles incorporating diesel engines. 

It cleanses the injectors from the sediments and thereby maintains the engine in a clean manner so long as it is used and enabling better sprinkling of the fuel, enhances the engine’s performance. Thanks to its corrosion preventing feature, avoids rusting and foam generation. Diesel oil, characterized by its properties reducing smoke, exhausted and non-combusted fuel is much more sensitive towards the environment and human health compared to high-sulfur containing diesel oils.

Unleaded Gasoline 95 is the name given to such 95-octane fuel developed for vehicles incorporating catalytic convertor or otherwise which consume gasoline, providing high performance. Even in respect of most sophisticated and perfect engine designs, ordinary fuels generate soot as well as carbon deposits in time and cause damage on the engine parts. In order to receive more efficiency from the engine of the vehicle, provide economy in fuel consumption and maintain such performance, using Unleaded 95 is of particular essence. Unleaded Gasoline 95 cleans the fuel system and avoids generation of corrosion, keeps the engine performance at the utmost level and ensures that the engine uses all of its built-in power and runs with higher efficiency, providing for enhancement of the vehicle’s aspect ratio.

Enables longer mileage compared to Standard unleaded gasoline types. Possessing a high octane value, Unleaded Gasoline 95 Premium increases the engine performance as well. By means of its friction reducing feature, it decreases the mechanical losses in the engine, increases the efficiency of the engine, thereby providing for fuel economy.

Injectors, by means of cleaning sensitive parts of the engine, ensure that the engine stays clean and operates more soundly, extends its life cycle and protects the fuel system against corrosion.

Gasoil, procured in full from Tüpraş Refineries, is a by-product of the process derived after gasoline. While it was used in the past exclusively for lighting purposes, it is being used currently in heating, cooling, tractor as well as jet engine fuel.

Central heating oil, procured in full from Tüpraş Refineries and sold thereafter, is a special fuel which is finer than Fuel Oil No.5 and 6, having lower sulfur content compared to the others. This type of fuel which is also referred to as central heating oil as well, could be used as energy source in any and all kinds of industrial and social facilities, entities, institutions and residences which require electric energy, heat and steam.

Fuel Oil Light started to be produced in order to be protected from any sulfur wastes causing acid rains harmful to the environment as well as human health, is an environment-friendly fuel thanks to its low sulfur content (1%). Fuel Oil Light, usable in electricity, heat or steam systems, is preferred in all sorts of factories, plants and building structures. As it has a much higher viscosity, it is pumped with ease, combusted and thereby provides savings. Flue gas emission remains within the legal limits. It leaves no requirement for any desulfurization units that generate substantial costs at the erection phase.

This type of fuel procured in full from Tüpraş Refineries is a dark colored petroleum product of low viscosity. These are also referred to as high-sulfur Fuel Oil. Despite its lowered rate compared to the past, it is at present preferred at power generation plants and all kinds of industrial facilities and factories, as well as housing residences and used as heat energy. Further to its ease of pumping, it also combusts by emitting high heat and provides saving.