Human Resources

Kadoil, ensures that employees are effective and productive by recruiting qualified manpower in line with its mission and vision and creates a harmonious business environment.

With this understanding, Kadoil has adopted the principle of having employees who are open to education, growth, and have high motivation and corporate loyalty with its current and human-oriented Human Resources practices.

Kadoil, aiming to increase the number of employees and grow with the right human resources planning to recruit existing talents in the sector and educate new ones, makes investment plans for its employees.

It is one of the institutions that has adopted that the human factor and the value given to people are valuable for success.

Recruitment and Orientation process
The Personnel Selection and Placement process of our company start with the relevant department manager filling the personnel request form and submitting it to Human Resources Management. In line with the competencies sought, the candidate CV pool is scanned through Internal reference and Career portals and the Human Resources Department conducts the first interview with the candidate who is eligible to be invited for an interview. In the first interview, candidates are examined by taking account of the following issues.

  • Professional competence,
  • Behavioral characteristics of the person,
  • Organizational adaptability,
  • Professional intelligence and reference research from at least the previous workplace,
  • Other issues (compliance with the service route, whether there are friends or relatives in the company, etc.)

Human Resources and related department managers complete the interview process using the free interview technique and supporting them with different measurement and evaluation tools in line with the needs. We made a job offer to the candidate who is suitable for the position. We get back to the other candidates included in the interview process by phone or e-mail.
All applications are evaluated on the basis of confidentiality.
Our newly recruited employees are first included in the Human Resources Promotion program training and then in the general orientation program.
Within the scope of the Program,

  • Human Resources strategies and practices
  • Company introduction, Our Values, Our Vision and Mission, Our Goals,
  • Function and position oriented promotion and information
  • General Processes are explained.

Competency and Performance Evaluation
The process is concrete and measurable and based on competencies. In line with the strategies and targets set at the beginning of the year, our employees together with our managers determine their own goals. These goals are followed throughout the year, and necessary changes can be made and directions can be given depending on the process change. Performance levels are determined by comparing them with the goals achieved every six months. The performance levels of our employees affect the career plan, reward and remuneration.

The purpose of the performance system is to review systematically and objectively manage all activities annually.

Our Competency Table;

  • Basic Competencies
  • Administrative Competencies
  • Human Relations and Leadership
  • Management Skills
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Purpose and Action
  • Growth
  • Technical Competencies

Training and Growth
Supporting the professional and personal growth of our employees with continuous and efficient training programs is always a part of our goals.
In line with the personal growth needs of our employees, meetings are held in cooperation with the managers and the Human Resources department. We made training needs analysis and also evaluate training requests resulting from the Employee Satisfaction Survey. Besides, we are expanding personal growth programs to prepare our employees for the position they can take in the future within the framework of career development.
Kariyer Planlama ve Yedekleme
Horizontal and vertical promotion opportunities are available in line with the competencies required by the position. The vacant positions are announced within the company by internal advertisement and all our colleagues who think that these postings are open to information and growth can apply. If there is an employee who meets the job requirements for the current position according to the evaluation results, career planning and promotion transition are made.
“Key Positions” are formed in the duties carried out for the continuation of our company’s assets. It is of great importance to identify the substitute personnel for the key positions.

Offered Rights
We have a system that aims to increase motivation and loyalty in parallel with employee dynamics.
General Application
For your general applications, please fill in the Job Application Form. All applications made through this website are only seen and evaluated by KADOIL based on confidentiality.

General Qualifications;

  • High school or college graduate,
  • Open to growth and learning,
  • Having goals for the future,
  • Strong written and verbal communication,
  • Following, fast and dynamic,
  • Genial,
  • We are waiting for the applications of CANDIDATES who believe in teamwork.