Kadooğlu Petrolcülük A.Ş. operating under one of Turkey’s oldest companies named Kadooğlu Holding entered the fuel sector in 2000, and in 2006 it started to take place in the sector as a fuel distribution company with the Kadoil brand. Kadoil maintains its top position in the fuel and LPG distribution sector with over 600 dealerships and 18 regional offices.

Kadoil, foreseeing the rapid changes in the sector and determining the necessary roadmaps, provides the fuel needs of companies and organizations as well as individual customers. With Kadomatik, which has developed with the latest technology for its dealers and customers, it saves time and budget and serves its users with many different aspects. The system provides mileage, fuel, and road control facilities for company fleets, in addition to fast fueling, easy payment, and invoice information.

Kadoil’s new product EcoMax Diesel not only offers benefits such as fuel economy, power increase, longer engine life, quieter driving but also contributes to environmental protection with low emission values.
In the 10th year of its establishment, Kadoil entered the LPG field with the “Kadogaz” brand. Kadogaz reached 226 dealers shortly and took its place among the top 13 companies in the LPG sector. Kadoil also reaches its dealers and distribution points abroad by producing 50 different kinds of products in the field of mineral oil under the brand of Kadoil Oil Master. With Kadoil Oil Master, Kadoil is flourishing in the mineral oil sector.

Kadoil gives importance to investment for fast and continuous growth, continues its activities in Kadoil Mediterranean Filling Facilities, which has a storage capacity of 150.000 m3  to realize the import, export, and transit trade of petroleum products. The facility has the feature of having a single sea platform where two ships with a capacity of 80,000 DWT can dock at the same time and a maximum depth of 14 meters.
It ranks 9th among the over 100 distribution companies in Turkey.