Women Took Over The Fuel Pump

Female gas pump attendants of Kadoil’s Kars central station are appreciated.

Being a gas pump attendant is a job generally done by men. But it has become a line of business for women as well in fuel stations in Kars. Burcu Çolak and Zeynep Güner, who work as gas attendants at Kadoil’s fuel station in the center of Kars, are appreciated for their work.

Kadoil Karyapı Gas station official, Mesut Yıldız, aims to break the stereotype of the fuel sector is a male-dominated sector with the “Kadın Gücü Projesi” (“Women’s Power Project”). Underlining that they started to raise awareness in the region, Mr. Yıldız said, “This is just the beginning, we are working hard to do our best to increase women’s employment in our city. “It made us very happy to see that other stations in the region take this project as an example.” Mentioning that station sales have also increased, Mesut Yıldız said, “Women employees who greet our customers with a smiling face and fill their fuel are also appreciated by those who prefer us. There has been an increase in the number of female customers. “Our male drivers are surprised at first when they see them, but they congratulate them afterward because our employees are working with the goal of doing the job they undertake in the best way possible.”

Rüya Erdağ, one of Karyapı Fuel’s employees, said: I am glad about my job. I love my job. In the beginning, when our male customers saw me, they said, ”This is a job for men. You must not do this.” Over time, they got used to it. Stating that people are pleased to see female gas pump attendants when they come to buy fuel, Rüya Erdağ said: “Female gas pump attendants try to do their jobs better, and are very genial. We want to have more female colleagues in Turkey.”

Yaprak Gergöy and Büşra Ubiç, employees of the station, stated that they have been friends since their high school years and decided to enter this business together. They said that they want to help not only themselves but also their families while working here and, they want to be a good example to their sisters who see themselves as role models, Gergöy added that they would not have achieved this without the station official Mesut Yıldız. Büşra Ubiç said that at the beginning, when people said that this sector was suitable for men, she was hesitant, and then as she started working, she felt that this is where she should be.