Support to Motorcycle Sports from Kadoil

Kadoil gave support to the motorcycle sport, which has recently become widespread in Gaziantep as all over Turkey. Established in 2019, Uzi Motor Group attracted attention in Gaziantep with its events, and Kadoil sponsored the activities by giving support to motorcycle sport.

By contributing to the country’s economy with its investments in different sectors, Kadooğlu Holding embraces all parts of the society with its social responsibility projects and continues to make its weight felt in many areas from education to culture, arts, and sports. Operating under Kadooğlu Holding, Kadoil Petrol supports the activities of the Uzi Motor Group in Gaziantep by sponsoring motorcycle sports. Kadoil, which has rapidly developed its network of fuel stations across the country, has gained the admiration of sports fans with its support to motorcycle sports. “By fulfilling an important social responsibility project, Kadoil has sponsored the events of the Uzi Motor Group and will apply a certain fuel discount to the group members for the fuel the group will use in the events. We want to contribute to the development of this sport by supporting our athletes and motorcycle lovers who are interested in motorsports ”. Expressing that Kadoil has given them significant support, Uzi Motor Group President Faruk Doğala and Vice President Ökkeş Güneş expressed their gratitude to Kadooğlu Holding Board Member Veli Kadooğlu and added that they have made great efforts for the development of motorcycle sports in Gaziantep, they have brought motorcycle lovers together and carried out various events on weekends, and that they are carrying out the necessary works for the effective realization of motorcycle sports in Gaziantep in the coming period.