Kadoil Lifted The Yardstick In The General Assessment And Performance Meeting

Kadoil persisting with its growth in the fuel sector successfully in both the fuel as well as autogas segments through its wide dealer network spread over all regions of Turkey, shared with its regional managers the tenancy periods, point arrived at in attaining year 2020 targets and new strategies it has developed. In such meeting where sales performances of the dealers were individually evaluated, while assessing new investment strategies it was also considered the circumstances created by the agenda. 


General Assessment and Performance Meeting realized as presided by Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi was realized under attendance of Kadoil Board of Directors Members Yusuf Ziya Gündüz and Fettah Kadooğlu, as well as regional directors throughout Turkey in general. 


While all regional dealers were individually assessed and evaluated in such meetings lasting a week, Kadoil senior management was present in attendance as well. Following intensive meetings, all employees of Kadoil celebrated their success by means of an organization realized at Develi Florya. 


We have extended beyond our targets for year 2020

In these meetings where the economic condition of both Turkey as well as the sector were evaluated, it was set forth and specified reflections of the previous year, sales and investments realized including dealer requirements. Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi, making an overall assessment after the meeting, said “At present, our principal capital is our professional team and the trust confided in us by our dealers. We observe that this unique synergy is reflected as well to the customers preferring us. We have extended beyond our targets for year 2020, this is an unbelievable occasion of pride for the management and regional directors representing us in the field. Our regional directors are beside our dealers at all times and equipped with the power of meeting their requirements within soonest notice. And we as the headquarters, are at all times providing support to our regional teams. Powerful communication with our dealers and solution oriented relation are best evidences that we are on the right track.” 


We are enjoying the satisfaction of realizing our projects

Ms. Çiftçi, referring to the economic condition that Turkey is in as well as the reflections of the pandemics process on the sector, further pointed out that they made assessments regarding how they could possibly provide support to their dealers in the second half of 2020, and that they are advantageous to their competitors in respect of regional discussions. Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi continued with her words by saying “At our points of supply, we are realizing cooperation with different suppliers, providing means to our dealers that could serve as alternatives. Notwithstanding extra costs and high pricing policies, we are preferred by means of our advantageous points of supply. This is a major power for our part. While our country is passing through difficult times, we as Kadoil are putting our hands under the Stone as well. The pandemics caused us to update our business patterns and targets. 


Making a general evaluation about Kadoil, Çiftçi said “Our LPG-autogas brand Kadogaz reached 185 dealers in a very short time. We shall be persisting with our nature-friendly, environmentalist, economic and customer satisfaction focused service concept, upgrading our success graph in the field with rapid yet secure steps.  We have achieved particular success with our diesel oil product containing EcoMax additive we launched to our consumers with the motto “High Performance In Savings”. Likewise in the new period, our target shall comprise of bringing together our consumers and EcoMax at all of our stations.

In our General Assessment and Performance Meetings, we also had the opportunity of sharing with our regional directors and general headquarters team, the latest developments in the field of sales other than mineral oil and fuel. Particularly in respect of mineral oils, we are far ahead of our sales targets with our own brand Kadoil Oil Master.”


We based our brand value on sincerity

Kadoil Board of Directors Member Fettah Kadooğlu stated following the General Assessment and Performance Meeting that by means of the resolution and energy spent in the relay race taken on transfer, they would be taking Kadoil higher every day. While Board of Directors Member Yusuf Ziya Gündüz joining the management team anew stating that he is enjoying the happiness of working with such a large and professional team, said “Further to reinforcing our inner structure with every day elapsing, we shall be focusing on projects that could be touching the final consumer”. Mr. Gündüz explained and clarified that in the fuel sector where competition is very strict, their target is towards sustainable success and being at all times preferable by the target mass, therefore they would be accelerating their investments concerning marketing communication. Mr. Gündüz, pointing out that in our current world of marketing, traditional marketing methods are inadequate, further added “I believe that the sincerity reflected by Kadoil business partners and employees shall likewise be reflected to the communication we shall be establishing with our customers.” 

We are living the comfort of being capable of taking speedy action 

16 regional directors were present in the meetings lasting one week. In these meetings attended by Kadoil Assistant General Manager Mr. Alper Karaeminoğulları as well, condition of all dealers were individually assessed. Mr. Karaeminoğulları said “We have always acted in a farsighted manner and prepared our sales strategies in compliance with different scenarios. The world we are living on has adopted an outlook requiring you to be alert at all times, where only those swiftly altering their paths, targets and adapting to the current circumstances. Because of the pandemics, we changed our strategies several times in year 2020. Considering our dealers as well, we have generated flexible terms.  In the course of the year, we came together with our regional directors at online platforms and made situation assessments. In this process, we never had any plan or project we anticipated postponing. Our investments are ongoing at full speed. We always trust our country and dealers. While we were previously assessing our strategies every 3 months, we are nowadays reviewing them every month. Updating ourselves rapidly in parallel to the market conditions provide us as well as our dealers a favorable movement space.” 


Relieving of their stress following General Assessment and Performance Meetings, Kadoil field and headquarters team came together in the dinner held at Develi.