Kadoil Is Ready For 2021 With Its New Investments

Kadoil, ongoing with upgrading its successful performance in the fuel and autogas sector in 2021 by means of its dealer network widespread throughout the country, is adding new ones to the number of dealers in excess of 600.  


Ever including new ones in its dealer network from one day to the next, Kadoil, is ongoing to be en route the itinerary of its consumers in a safe and secure manner throughout the country thanks to it one hundred percent domestic capital structure in the fuel sector. 

Kadoil, targeting at all times to be in close vicinity of the vehicle drivers by means of its stations and selected locations at town centers, is continuing to be positioned amongst brands preferred at all times thanks to powerful business structure and reliability of Kadooğlu Holding.

By means of the investments it has realized in 2020, Kadoil is ever expanding the number of its dealers in Aegean, Marmara, Black Sea and South East Anatolian Regions. 


Sharing her opinion concerning the subject matter, Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi said, “We have more than 600 dealers throughout the country in general. We shall be continuing at full speed to expand our dealer network from one day to the next and take position at such points we are not yet available. We are further pleased to renew our contracts with the dealers carrying Kadoil flag for many years. It is also a matter of pride that our dealers with more than one station bearing Kadoil brand proceed ahead hand in hand with us in respect of their new investments. Our purpose is to enable drivers preferring us overall the country are made available such products that they deserve. By means of the employment we have created jointly with our dealers, we are continuing to provide added value to all points within our country. We are very happy with point we have achieved at this time of closing yet another year. I am grateful to our regional directors representing us with great efforts every day as well as station personnel serving our visitors.” Referring to the comfort and convenience of doing business through long enduring relations, Çifçi continued as follows, saying: “We take pride in walking ahead in our 10th anniversary together with Feyfer Petrol situated at the most popular location of Diyarbakır; one of the consistent suppliers of Municipality and Security Department contract tenders and Amanos Petrol at Hatay serving in a secure and reliable manner in respect of Municipal Transportation Vehicles identification and contract tenders. At the same time, we are pleased to undersign yet another 5 years together with Çetinler Petrol at Zonguldak and our dealer Dolgunlar Petrol at Hatay Province. We are ongoing with our efforts day and night with our dealers having adopted a sustainable and long enduring business concept with our side, through our professional team for providing services in several other provinces from one day to the next. While our dealers desiring to persist with their success in their first stations, realized their next investments once again under Kadoil brand. In year 2020, we realized the opening of the 3rd stations of CMS Akaryakıt at Van and Cipet Akaryakıt at Manisa.” 


Kadoil Investment Manager Ozan Okan said: “We are directing our strategies by taking into consideration at all times the general condition of the country’s economy.  Taking rapid decisions and putting them swiftly into action are factors that allow time savings to both our dealers and ourselves. The management standing beside us in every circumstance plays an essential role in the consistent growth of Kadoil. We are ever expanding our station network by targeting town centers and favorite locations.” Mr. Okan continued with his words by saying “Although it is considered that Covit has had an impact on the investment processes, we have attained our growth target by means of several stations newly included in our family.  We have duly reinforced our position at favorite locations by means of Yeşiller Petrol within premises of Düzce Province, Cengiz Akaryakıt at Denizli and Atalay Demirler Petrol at Mersin.” 

Kadoil, in parallel to the target of conveying the services provided to its consumers to all towns throughout Turkey, is ongoing with its growth strategy by adding new stations.