Great Gasoline Campaign By Kadoil

Kadoil, operating in the fuel sector with more than 600 dealers under Kadooğlu Holding continues to stand by its consumers with its Gasoline Campaign with its dealers all over Turkey.
Kadoil, one of Turkey’s leading fuel distribution companies, started selling fuel with a 5% discount over the pump price with the Gasoline Campaign realized at selected stations. The campaign, held every Wednesday and Saturday, got full marks from the drivers.

Vehicle users showed great interest in the campaign, which was launched at pilot stations in many cities, especially İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Mersin, Adana, Trabzon, and Diyarbakır. The campaign, which is also implemented at stations in different cities, is planned to continue throughout the year. Kadoil who contributed to the budgets of vehicle drivers with the discounts received many thank you messages from the citizens.

By expressing that they are pleased with the intense interest in the Gasoline Campaign, Kadoil Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi stated that the main goal of the application is to contribute to the national economy and said that they started the discounts on certain days of the week in the first place and planned the next campaign to be in certain periods on all days of the week. Çifçi, in her evaluation, said ”The world is going through a difficult economic process. I believe that big companies like us have a lot of work in such periods. The advantages of financial size and being a holding are once again emerging these days. Now I think we all have to take responsibility. As a company, we have always had a business structure that stands beside our dealers and consumers. We launched such a campaign to support our customers and dealers in the face of economic troubles. Our such campaigns will continue afterward. While we make a significant contribution to our citizens’ budgets with discounted fuel, we aim to support our dealers by increasing the circulation in our stations.”

Kadoil had supported the fight against inflation

Kadoil, operating under Kadooğlu Holding, one of Turkey’s oldest companies, has a valuable share in the fuel and LPG distribution sector with over 550 dealerships. Kadoil, who also gave great support to the “Fight Against Inflation Together” movement, which was initiated under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, also supported the citizens with high discounts in gas stations.