Through Cooperation of Eşarj and Kadoil, Turkey’s Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Network Is Expanding

In Kadoil, Strategic Areas Are Entrusted To Women Employees


Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman and TÜRKONFED Board of Directors Member Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi answered our questions.

Would you please tell us about your career odyssey and place of Kadoil to this end?

In our family, career has never been perceived solely as business and thereby a stage aimed in parallel thereto. Self-development and guidance is a journey started very early. Although ı am a graduate of Yeditepe University International Trade and Business Administration, during my studentship period I incessantly undertook tasks at professional companies as well, because my family always desired that I would be assuming responsibility for our own business affairs only after being employed and getting experienced at varying sectors and corporate entities. Viewing the business we are operating with a different perspective and developing a specific viewpoint is an indispensible part of our corporate culture. Therefore, after graduating from the University, in order get experienced in international business enterprises, I continued with my education in the United Kingdom and had the opportunity of working at various trade companies. The period I lived in England was unique, where I tried to be Nergiz with limited means, without receiving support from anyone, being aware that there was no one backing me up. It was a very teaching process granting me incredible experience in my transition from youth to adulthood, getting the chance of coming together with people from different parts of the world for the same purposes. Thereafter, I returned to Kadoil, the admiral ship of the holding established by my family with all sorts of efforts. This new beginning coincided with a moment when I felt myself ready, exhilarated to enliven those I acquired while I was brought up and educated for. Despite the level of education and training, it is of utmost value to get experienced and practice whatever you see in the books. I might say that for me Kadoil is a strenuous and invaluable gemstone.

Would you please tell us about Kadoil’s corporate profile and position in the sector?

Kadoil is under organization of Kadooğlu Holding as one of Turkey’s major enterprises operating in many diverse areas ranging from fuel to food, from energy to real estate, from domestic-foreign trade to gas station operating. It is our star brand presenting quality and reliability all together in the fuel sector. We are ongoing with our journey ahead in team spirit with our employees, suppliers and customers as a whole, targeting to keep their satisfaction at top level. Our objective is to ensure that such a growth is sustainable. It is in fact a very youthful brand of the sector in general, succeeding to take position in the first 10 occupied for years by international brands. It is also included in this framework Kadogaz serving drivers of vehicles running on LPG whereas our Oil Master brand in mineral oils. With our dealers in excess of 600 particularly in respect of fuel-oil and autogas, throughout ant territory in Turkey.

How is Kadoil’s approach in respect of women employment and representation of management by women leaders?

Fuel-oil sector bears a very masculine structure. Considering both managerial positions as well as station agents, you are faced with a business model densely occupied by male employees. Sector representatives, professionals and company owners have carried out several works to attract attention to this matter. It is not hard to realize that Kadoil’s position therefor is very clear as the top position of the company is entrusted to a woman. Besides the foregoing, we have further entrusted to women employees most strategic areas of our company, namely financial affairs and credit risk departments. Despite the fact that I am against positive discrimination as a woman, I am very happy to take any essential decisions shaping and guiding Kadoil’s future jointly with our women colleagues, seeing that they attain successful positions.

What is being made by Kadoil towards creating awareness about gender equality in social as well as business life?

I have already referred to the fact that our sector possesses a very masculine dominated structure. We are enabling that young women are duly acknowledged about this sector while still being educated, so that they take into consideration the fuel sector as well while making their choices for profession. We are introducing various projects in order to increase our women employment in station service attendants. We are also a very active family in realizing cooperation with NGO’s, we are both taking active roles in activities realized by non-government organizations like TÜRKONFED and TÜSİAD, also providing support via sponsorships.

What are Kadoil’s targets for year 2023?

Despite a year of hardships, as Kadoil we had attained a level of success beyond our targets. It is our primary target to sustain this achievement in the third quarter of the year as well. We are aiming to increase our station number at town centers and favorite places, thereby coming together with our consumers at many more locations. We are desiring to meet our dealers more often, introduce all together such attempts to enhance station profitability and deal with activities under our social responsibility projects whereby more people could be contacted. We have been physically apart for a very long time, I wish to close this deficit rapidly. Let it be a year when we shall be meeting around the table and make sincere celebrations, setting sail with new and exciting journeys.

Turkey’s electrical vehicle charging station network is expanding through cooperation of Eşarj and Kadoil

Eşarj is expanding Turkey’s electrical vehicle charging station network together with Kadoil as one of Turkey’s leading fuel distribution companies. Under scope of this cooperation, it is aimed to be constructed 100 high performance charging devices in 50 provinces in parallel to the target of Eşarj as in excess of 1.000 high speed charging stations in 81 provinces of Turkey.

Through Cooperation of Eşarj and Kadoil, Turkey’s Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Network Is Expanding

Through Cooperation of Eşarj and Kadoil, Turkey’s Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Network Is Expanding

Eşarj, whose majority shares at the rate of 94% are held by Enerjisa Energy, is expanding its electrical vehicle charging station network in Turkey through its cooperation with Kadoil, as one of Turkey’s leading fuel distribution companies. Under scope of such cooperation, in compliance with Turkey’s target of more than 1.000 high speed charging stations in 81 of her provinces, it is aimed to be installed 100 high performance charging devices in 50 provinces.

As Turkey’s first and fastest charging station entity, Eşarj is ongoing with its cooperation drive towards popularizing car usage in Turkey and promoting investments on fast charge stations. Eşarj is expanding its service network by entering into a cooperation agreement with Kadoil, supplying customers fuel and LPG through more than 600 dealers throughout Turkey. Under scope of such deal, it is targeted to reach 100 stations in 50 provinces.

All stations to be installed under cooperation of Eşarj and Kadoil shall be providing service to their customers as High Speed (DC). Thanks to the said cooperation, electrical vehicles shall be filling their batteries at the rate of 80 percent in 30 minutes by means of high speed charging devices. In parallel to such partnership, by means of high performance charging network open to access of all electric vehicle owners, Eşarj and Kadoil customers shall continue traveling without any battery concerns.

Eşarj Board of Directors Chairman and Enerjisa Energy CEO Murat Pınar said: “As Turkey’s first electrical vehicle charging station network, Eşarj bears liabilities towards our country and people. It is of utmost essence for us to ensure that our customers are directed to driving electrical vehicles without hesitation, supporting them in an uninterrupted and comfortable travel experience. At this point, we are caring about cooperation with each and every stakeholder desiring to be included in electric vehicle eco system. In parallel thereto, we are extremely pleased to execute such cooperation agreement with Kadoil whom we deem as a pioneering and inclusive enterprise.”

Whereas Kadoil Board of Directors Chairperson Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi expressed as follows about Eşarj and Kadoil cooperation “The World is going through a major change. New era of mobility and electrification are moving ahead in becoming a part of our daily life. Installing a wide-spread charging station infrastructure is an indispensible aspect of such transformation. We believe as Kadoil that in order to adapt to such prospective future and taking into consideration the already existing investments, our fuel stations shall be preferred for the charging station infrastructure. While designing the future, the sector we erected in the last 100 years for vehicles running on fuel, with an infrastructure where billions of Dollars are invested, employing more than 150.000, shall prevail. To this end, we are very happy to cooperate with Eşarj as the fastest growing and most valuable brands of the sector. As a result of the wide-spread of this project, we shall be continuing to serve all our guests driving electrical vehicles under Kadoil assurance. I wish all the best to our two companies, dealers as well as our country through such cooperation.”

About Kadoil

Kadooğlu Petrolcülük Taşımacılık Ticaret Sanayi İthalat ve İhracat A.Ş. operating under Kadooğlu Holding A.Ş., as one of Turkey’s well-established enterprises, entered the fuel sector in year 2000, while in 2006 started to take a position in the same sector as a fuel distribution company under Kadoil trademark. Kadoil is maintaining its high position in the fuel and LPG distribution sector by its dealers in excess of 600 and 16 regional directorates.

About Eşarj

As of end of year 2021, Eşarj Elektrikli Araçlar Şarj Sistemleri A.Ş. (Eşarj) where 94% of the shares are held by Enerjisa Müşteri Çözümleri A.Ş., whose capital in turn is fully owned by Enerjisa Energy is managing as the first and fastest charging station operator in Turkey, an electric vehicle station network of 494 plug-in charging sockets (170 of which are fast charging sockets) at 263 public access spots.




As a result of the change adopted on March 22nd, 2029 by Turkey’s largest independent business enterprises organization TÜRKONFED, Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairperson and Kadooğlu Holding Board of Directors Member Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi, was elected as Board Of Directors Vice-Chairman of Turkish Entrepreneurs and Business World Confederation (TÜRKONFED) as Turkey’s largest independent business enterprises organization, nesting  more than 50 thousand companies through 30 federations and 286 associations. 


Turkish Entrepreneurs and Business World Confederation (TÜRKONFED) as the parent association of organizations representing both regional as well as sector-based business enterprises is an independent non-government organization established on voluntary basis. TÜRKONFED is listed amongst Turkey’s major business world organizations in Turkey by means of its effective membership structure and number of its members spread all around Turkey.

Taking into consideration its independent and voluntary structure, as Turkey’s largest non-government organization of Turkey, TÜRKONFED is assuming its power and effectiveness from the federations and associations membered by businesspersons, nesting as a parent organization, nearly 30 thousand companies under 30 federations, 26 region- and 4 sector-based and 286 associations.

As the total of the added-value generated by each and every association affiliated to the said confederations in their own regions, TÜRKONFED is in turn providing added-value to the Turkish economy by covering 86 percent of the corporation tax, realizing 83 percent of Turkey’s foreign trade, providing 56 percent of the registered employment other than the agriculture and public sectors, thereby enabling means of employment to some 7 million people.

Adopting the problems of both the business world as well as the social community as a whole from a plurivocal, neutral and constructive viewpoint, TÜRKONFED is thereby contributing to the generation of sector-based and national economic policies through its solution proposals. Working for Turkish economy by means of conveying the regional as well as sector-based perspectives of the economy to the governing authorities, is assisting to the international integration of the business world and enhancement of its competitive power.

Through its representation office in Brussels opened on November 17th, TÜRKONFED active at the very heart of Europe, is also positioned in globally effective operations as a member of European SME Union, being of of the largest business world organizations in Europe. European SME Union is currently a very important international organization of the business world, having direct Access of EU policies as well as governing bodies, representing 12 million companies and 55 million employees.

TÜRKONFED, gby being a member of such an important organizational structure, is assuming the task of a bridge between the Turkish business world and the European Union. It is at the same time continuing to grow at global scale by means of and through TÜRKONFED International bringing together businessperson members from Germany, Georgia, Cyprus, Iraq, The Ukraine and Romania. 

As a company, we shall be continuing to provide support to those who prefer us

As a company, we shall be continuing to provide support to those who prefer us


Kadoil Board of Directors Member


  1. How do you assess 2021 in respect of KadoGAZ?

2021 was a compelling process for the whole world. Due to the pandemics, close-downs, instability regarding supply and demand relation and rapid rise in prices, we passed through a process where we had to sand update our strategies, more closely following-up any developments. I am anticipating that year 2022 shall be more normalized compared to the previous years. Although the recent developments worldwide have upset certain balances, I am expecting 2022 to become a better year specific to total LPG sales.

  1. Recent energy crisis encountered around the world has likewise been reflected adversely to the energy prices as well. In your opinion, how is Turkey passing through this period in respect of pricing? Is there a policy implemented to this end by KadoGAZ?

First of all, LPG consumption as well as production is increasing worldwide. According to the reports issued by World LPG Association (WLPGA); in 2019 LPG production worldwide increased at the rate of 3.6 percent. At this point, new natural gas discoveries in America have a particular contribution to that effect. United States is in the position of world’s largest LPG manufacturer, followed by China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Canada. Recently, global LPG consumption has increased by 85 million tons. Converted to percentage, we are faced with an increase at the rate of 40%. This is very serious figure. Following our inquiries therefor, we realized that this increase shall be ongoing in the coming period as well. At present, every sector is influenced by the trend of how to create a better world, adopted by environmentalist policies. All sectors are involved with a transformation where they change their manner of doing business. As an environmental-friendly fuel, LPG is likewise assuming the share on its part from such a transformation. Taking this factor into consideration as well, it shall not be incorrect to say that LPG shall be growing ever faster compared to the past. Of course the situation in Turkey is somewhat different. In terms of consumption, we are at the second position in Europe, whereas 10th worldwide. There are nearly 4.8 million vehicles running on autogas, which corresponds to 38 percent of the total vehicle stock. 

LPG pricing policy is based on two essential elements. First of these is the import price of the product, while the other is the rate of exchange of the United States Dollar. In this process, increase in the exchange rate of the Dollar caused very substantial impacts. Both representatives of the sector as well as our government applied certain reductions that would to an extent be supporting the consumer. As a company, we shall be continuing to provide support to those who prefer us. In order to sustain our aforesaid policy in arduous days, we are getting prepared to subscribe to various different projects.

  1. As Kadogaz, how did you plan your investments for the near future? Are there any investments you shall be venturing soon?

Kadogaz is operating under organization of Kadooğlu Holding, one of Turkey’s most deep-rooted holdings. It has entered this sector by making use of the know-how and experience of Kadoil, one of the leading distribution companies of the fuel sector. Ever since it was incorporated, it has increased its market share from one day to the next. This is indeed related to the power and wide dealer network of Kadoil. Concerning our service standards and quality. Despite all such adverse circumstances, we increased our market share in the past year. This is a great success. Such success is backed up by many years of business experience and solidarity exhibited by a professional team. At more than a half of Kadoil stations spread around Turkey in general, we are providing service by our LPG brand. Our target is to take this to all of our stations. We aim to be and become a brand at your closest access even when you travel to the most remote corner of Turkey.

  1. Would you please tell us about the relations of Kadogaz with its dealers and strategies towards ensuring dealer satisfaction?


Kadogaz dealers surely have the biggest share in Kadogaz arriving at its present status as well as and including such valuable Kadogaz dealers choosing the work with us for the first time. As a matter of fact, in the philosophy assumed by Kadooğlu, dealers are our most important business partners. Our business approach is based on win-win model. We come together with our dealers all the time, our dealer are at ease of contacting 7/24 any and all senior management team. Our relations with the dealers is very long-termed and following the initiation stage, it turns into a family relation. That is what makes us different. At the moment, there are dealers in business as second, third generations, acquainted with our childhood. Even in days of curfew, our dealers ongoing to provide their services under special authorization, took that service to such an extent that they brought requirements of our customers staying at home, such as bread, medications and the like. This is really a great pride on our part. Recently, because of the pandemics our means of travel are very limited, but despite this we realized a very rapid transformation jointly with our dealers. Amongst them, there were Zoom users for the first time. At this level, we had very enjoyable meetings. Previously, our dealers used to come and visit us at the headquarters, and there were even unannounced visitors so as to surprise us. Nowadays, they are making video-calls throughout the day. They have adapted to the new World order from their perspective. 

  1. If not used in accordance with technical regulations and standards, LPG could be dangerous. Do you have a strategy followed in order to ensure and maintain security?

This in fact, is a serious matter monitored very closely not only by representatives of the sector, but by the government as well. Our Kadogaz tankers and dealers are continuously controlled by the authorized services, while periodic maintenance and inspection are very carefully traced and regulated.

Kadoil Made A Rapid Entry Into Year 2022

Kadoil Made A Rapid Entry Into Year 2022

As one of the leading domestic brands of the fuel market, Kadoil is continuing to maintain its appropriate and powerful position in the sector as a result of the investments it made in year 2021. Kadoil realized the first “Sales Force” meeting in 2022 on the 3rd and 4th of February, with attendance and participation of 17 sales, 7 investment directors serving throughout the country as well as  board of directors members and employees from the headquarters. In the meeting so realized, it was shared the strategies for year 2022. 

It was attended those meetings lasting two days, besides Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairperson Ms.Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi, Board of Directors Members Mr. Ziya Gündüz and Mr. Fettah Kadooğlu, Assistant General Manager Alper Karaeminoğlu, all departments managers as well. 

In the closing meeting held on February 02nd, Friday, Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairperson Ms.Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi shared with the participants the targets of Kadoil’ for the coming years.

In the “Sales Force” meeting, it was taken into consideration the agenda for year 2021 including general analyses  and it was focused on the sale target planned to be realized in 2022, station investments as well as dealer relations and consumer loyalty. It was also assessed and evaluated new projects that could take the lead in the sector.

Such meeting commenced with the opening speech of Assistant General Manager Mr. Alper Karaeminoğulları, continued with the sector assessment for year 2021 and investment modelings shared by the Investments Director Mr. Ozan Okan. In the meeting where Ex-Fuel Sales and LPG performances are evaluated, Engineering Director Muharrem Engin shared information with the field officials about the renewed markets and new image of Kadoil. First day continued with the 15th year commemoration dinner where all Kadoil employees u Turkey came together.

Second day of the Sales Force Meeting started with the presentation of Assistant General Manager Alper Karaeminoğlu, where the new organization structure was shared. Workshops where regional managers got prepared by getting separated in four different groups attracted particular attraction. Such workshops where creative works were shared from viewpoint of individuals active in the field, highlighted new projects to be realized as well. 

We Are Breaking The Routine! 

Second day of the meeting ended with such information shared and overall assessments made by Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairperson Nergiz Kadooğlu Çiftçi. Ms. Çifçi, referring to the financial power of the Holding and further stating that  they are proud for being positioned at upper places on the survey reports prepared by successful publications like Capital, Fortune 500, pointed out that success is not just a coincidence but could be attained through hard work and effort. Çifçi further said “Backed up with the power of Kadooğlu Holding, we never postponed our investments in year 2021. We are proud for having achieved our fantasies in such a hard period of time. We are thankful to our business partners and professional team keeping their faith in us.” 


Time To Demonstrate Our Potential   

In the presentation he made, Kadoil Board of Directors Ziya Gündüz provided detailed information to the regional directors about effective time management, dealer satisfaction and skills towards managing more than one issue at the same time as well as the position attained by the sector in 2022. 


We Are Providing Facility In Logistics

Board of Directors Member Fettah Kadoğlu sharing the point arrived at regarding Kadogaz, while stating that they have accelerated investments for Kadomatik, the latest system vehicle recognition system developed and equipped with the most advance technology, continued saying “While adopting the fact that our foremost priority is providing service at all Kadoil stations by means of our rapidly accelerating LPG brand Kadogaz, in parallel to the logistic facilities we are providing the dealers, we ended up in becoming the focus of preference amongst our competitors.”   

2022 Is Year Of Growth For Kadoil

In the speech he made, Kadoil Assistant General Manager Alper Karaeminoğulları stated that year 2022 would be a year of growth for Kadoil and they are targeting to achieve and attain perfection in all operations realized. He further pointed out that they increased the number of their professional teams from one day to the next, upon expanding the investments department. 

Target Comprises Of Favorite Locations, Including Province and County Centers 

’If you love the see, be prepared to love its waves as well’’

Investments Director Ozan Okan, underlining the fact that they took into consideration the stations at province and county centers while setting forth their investment objectives, expressed that they were actually proud for closing year 2021, beyond their targets. Mr. Okan further stated that they are aiming to meet the consumers at several different points where there is a requirement on part of vehicle drivers, to the effect that their priorities consisted not of city centers but provinces in general. Okan said “For year 2022, we enhanced our investment team throughout Turkey in general, and updated our targets within framework of our growth agenda. We shall be continuing to pace ahead ever growing via sustainable projects where we shall be focusing on our retail power”. 

We Are Altogether Living The Ecstasy Of Our 15th Year

Meetings were ended with the 15th year commemoration dinner attended by all Kadoil employees throughout Turkey in general. In the company dinner so realized, achievement plates were given by Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi, to those employees with a seniority of 15 years as well as the field team becoming successful in year 2021. 

The evening was introduced with the opening speech of Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi. In such speech she started by to all who brought Kadoil to these present days, Ms. Çifçi while referring to the fact that they had a year when they all got exhausted altogether, combated with epidemics, crises and disasters, pointed out despite all such adverse circumstances, Kadoil family exerting extraordinary efforts, narrated a story of success. Çifçi continued with her words as follows; “You worked hard and sweated a lot, I am grateful to you all for your efforts. And we in turn tried to do our best fort his great Kadoil family, driven with the power and inspiration you have rendered us and we shall be continuing to act as such. For us, you are not only employees working for Kadoil, but you are actually Kadoil itself. We are very happy that our paths are intersecting. You are very valuable.” 


15th Year Cake was cut jointly by Kadooğlu Holding Board of Directors Chairman Celal Kadooğlu, Kadoil Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Nergiz Kadooğlu Çifçi, Board of Directors Members Fettah Kadooğlu, Ziya Gündüz, and Kadooğlu Oil General Coordinator Azime Kadooğlu.  


Taking the stand following cake cutting, Kadooğlu Holding Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Celal Kadooğlu shared his feelings about the evening. Kadooğlu continued with his words, saying “The business trip we started 45 years ago, grew from one year to the next in multiples. We were always greatly honored to generate added value for our country. While stepping ahead alongside this route or walking on this itinerary, we naturally suffered fears and moments testing us, what a great pleasure for us that we have successful employees like you, each children of this family. Thanks to the efforts and arduous labor of you all.”